İşbaran Akçayır

Packager: İşbaran Akçayır (isbaran [at] gmail.com)

Maintained packages:


Package updates:

aspell-da (1)
First release.
koffice (26)
Added kdchart dep to kplato
amarok (39)
Test 2.3.1 beta
amarok (38)
Update to 2.3
amarok (37)
Update to 2.3 beta
amarok (35)
Update to stable
amarok (34)
Update to Beta1
amarok (33)
Update to 2.2.1
amarok (31)
Bump to last version, Sunjammer
amarok (30)
Updated, some patches were already included
amarok (26)
* Added translations
* Added qtbindings patch again, seems its removed from source
* Added liblastfm-devel build dep.
amarok (25)
Disable wikipedia applet, it causes crashes
amarok (24)
To svn, remove patch (included to source), added system wide icons
amarok (23)
To svn, removed WorkDir, added patch to skip qtbindings test in cmake
amarok (22)
Beta 2
amarok (21)
Bump again
amarok (20)
Bump to svn
amarok (19)
Bump to svn, added libmtp and taglib-extras deps
amarok (18)
Bump to 2.0.2
amarok (17)
- add loudmouth dep
- add patch to open ogg files from dolphin
- add patch to link pthread and dl to sqlcollection
- add strigi dep
amarok (15)
Bugfix Release Magellan and fix bug#9012.
amarok (14)
Update to 2.0.1
write strict dep. to latest kde4, fixes #8949
Fix package name in translations.xml
use cmaketools not autotools
amarok (13)
Update dependencies to latest kde4
amarok (12)
2.0 Release
amarok (11)
Update to svn release, prior to 2.0
amarok (10)
New stable release
amarok (9)
Added dep. kdemultimedia4
fixed mysql-lib to meet dep. needs so don't need mysql-server
amarok (8)
Sync with svn, nice changes with last.fm integration
amarok (7)
New release
amarok (6)
New release, using mysql
amarok (4)
Beta 1
amarok (3)
Aulanerk, alpha2
amarok (2)
First Alpha.
amarok (1)
First release.
taglib (8)
Update to 1.6 includes most file support
liblastfm (2)
Added --release to actions.
taglib-extras (7)
Needs rebuild
taglib-extras (6)
Fixes some export problems if fvisibility=hidden
taglib-extras (5)
Bump to stable, drops types that are included in taglib
taglib-extras (4)
Updates are mostly to fix crashy mp4 files
taglib-extras (2)
Version bump, to svn
taglib-extras (1)
First release.
OpenSceneGraph (9)
Add tiff, freetype, libvncserver, gdal deps.
dcmtk (3)
get patches from site, fix ssl, add tiff dep
geomview (1)
First release.
CGAL (3)
Fix deps, update
CGAL (1)
First release.
avce00 (1)
First release.
geos (12)
Update to stable release
geos (11)
Update to stable release
geos (10)
Update, remove compiled pyc/o, include doxy doc
libgeotiff (5)
e00compr (1)
First release.
ogdi (6)
Version update
ogdi (5)
Version update
ogdi (4)
stable release to 2009 repo.
geotiff-viewer (1)
First release.
libgeotiff (7)
Bump to latest
libgeotiff (6)
add missing proj dep
libgeotiff (5)
proj (8)
Bump to latest, remove our hacks
proj (7)
Bump and 2009'ize
gdal (3)
Update package
gdal (2)
Split devel package, update, add patches
gdal (1)
First release.
k3b (2)
cutecom (1)
First release
lvm2 (14)
Add static linking support
lvm2 (12)
new release
lvm2 (11)
device-mapper merged to lvm tree
lvm2 (10)
Stable release, no changes
lvm2 (9)
Bugfix release
lvm2 (8)
version bump
lvm2 (7)
version bump
lvm2 (6)
lvm2 (5)
lvm2 (4)
Stable Bump
lvm2 (3)
lvm2 (2)
Bump to working release
lvm2 (1)
First release
libmtp (13)
Bump to latest release
libmtp (12)
Version Bump
nvidia-settings (4)
Add description, missing translations.xml
juffed (2)
Has strict dep. to qscintilla in repo
openssl (15)
fix CVS-17196
wireless-tools (40)
Changes in Net.Link for certificates
wireless-tools (37)
802.1x support
libgcrypt (7)
Version bump
Change version of dep. libgpg-error to 1.4
sqlite (23)
sqlite should be compiled with thread safety option for subversion compatibility.
one needs --pre-1.6-compatible parameter to create new svn workspace in current situation. (svnadmin create)
added --enable-threadsafe to configure options, i guess threadsafety option was forgotten in commit #66289
pisi (103)
Added comu.edu.tr to kde mirrors list
pardus-python (15)
Continue boot if config files are broken somehow
flightgear (11)
Add missing apr, svn deps.
torcs (7)
Some cars are licensed under FreeArt
kvpnc (12)
Version Bump, added kdelibs-devel dep.
kvpnc (11)
Switch to kde4 interface
kvpnc (10)
Version Bump
kvpnc (9)
Take package
wpa_supplicant (32)
Necessary changes for certificates
wpa_supplicant (31)
Make the python wrapper flexible (aka 802.1x changes)
wpa_supplicant (29)
Include eapol_test.
vpnc (6)
2009 update
vpnc (4)
Bugfix Releases
iw (1)
First Release
ppp (10)
Necessary changes to link script for model
pptpclient (4)
2009 update
openvpn (7)
Update package
openvpn (6)
2009 ize
openvpn (5)
* Add symlink patch for pam
* Include plugins and scripts from contributers
* Fix dodoc
* Enable iproute2
aircrack-ng (11)
Add sqlite db support and include test data files
aircrack-ng (10)
Fix dep
ktorrent (9)
- Rename package
- Added kdebase-workspace dep. for taskmanager support
- Added translations.xml
ktorrent (8)
Bump to stable
ktorrent (6)
Bumpt to second release candidate
ktorrent (5)
ktorrent (4)
Minor bugfix release
ktorrent (3)
Another bugfix release.
ktorrent (2)
Bugfix release.
ktorrent (1)
First release.
kvirc (15)
kvirc (14)
Update to stable, remove applied patches, add deps
kvirc (11)
Update to rc3
kvirc (10)
Update to rc2
kvirc (9)
Update package
kvirc (5)
Bump to svn release
kvirc (3)
Bump to RC2 Snapshot
kvirc (1)
kde4 svn
freeradius (8)
Bump to stable release
freeradius (7)
Stable Release, bugfixes and feature improvements
freeradius (6)
Stable Release
freeradius (4)
Stable Release
freeradius (3)
Bump to features release, cvs snapshot (includes some build fixes)
freeradius (2)
freeradius (1)
First release.
mysql (44)
Remove system.base dep. comar-api, causing removal problems
mysql (38)
Take language files from mysql-server into mysql-lib
mysql (36)
Enable embedded server
QtCurve-KDE4 (8)
Version bump.
QtCurve-KDE4 (7)
Version bump.
QtCurve-KDE4 (6)
Version bump.
QtCurve-KDE4 (3)
some fixes
QtCurve-KDE4 (2)
QtCurve-KDE4 (1)
New release
kwin-crystal-style (5)
Added translations.xml, renamed package
kwin-crystal-style (3)
New version
kwin-crystal-style (2)
New version
kwin-crystal-style (1)
New release
kdeedu (11)
Version bump
kdeedu (7)
Beta 2
kdebase (11)
Version Bump
kdebase (7)
Beta 2
kdepimlibs (10)
Version bump
kdepimlibs (7)
Beta 2
kdeadmin (10)
Version Bump
kdeadmin (7)
Beta 2
kdemultimedia (11)
Version bump
kdemultimedia (7)
Beta 2
kdebindings (8)
Version bump
kdeaccessibility (6)
Version Bump
kdeartwork (10)
Version bump
kdeartwork (7)
Beta 2
kdenetwork (10)
Version bump
kdewebdev (10)
Version bump
kdewebdev (7)
Beta 2
kdeutils (11)
Version Bump
kdeutils (7)
Beta 2
kdegraphics (10)
Version bump
kdegraphics (6)
Beta 2
kdeplasma-addons (3)
Stable bump
kdeplasma-addons (2)
Stable bump
kdeplasma-addons (1)
kdeplasma addons
kdesdk (10)
Version bump
kdesdk (7)
Beta 2
kdepim (2)
Version bump
kdetoys (10)
Version bump
kdetoys (7)
Beta 2
kdelibs (13)
Version bump
kdelibs (9)
Beta 2
kdebase-workspace (24)
Added missing dep. pardus kdm theme
kdebase-workspace (12)
Version Bump
kdebase-workspace (8)
Beta 2
kdebase-runtime (12)
Version Bump
kdebase-runtime (7)
Beta 2
kdegames (11)
Version bump
kdegames (7)
Beta 2
history-manager (20)
Version Bump for translations
history-manager (19)
Version Bump, translation update release
history-manager (18)
Version Bump, translation update release
history-manager (17)
Version Bump, translation update
history-manager (16)
Version Bump
history-manager (15)
Added additional translations to archive.
history-manager (13)
history-manager (12)
Bugfix and improvement release
history-manager (11)
Some features and bugfixes
history-manager (10)
Rc3 Massive gui changes
history-manager (9)
history-manager (8)
history-manager (7)
Alpha Release
history-manager (6)
Previous changes were not committed
history-manager (5)
Fix translation and add a popup to packages list
history-manager (3)
Fix icon
history-manager (2)
history-manager (1)
Pre Alpha
network-manager (56)
Fixed the mode section
network-manager (52)
Fixed indent error, gui of connectionshare, translations
network-manager (50)
krename (4)
- rename package (removed -kde4)
- rename deps. to kde4 equivalents
- change copy date
- added translations.xml
krename (2)
New development release
krename (1)
Krename for kde4
PyQwt (7)
Add sip, qt dep
PyQwt (5)
Bump to sync with current qwt
PyQwt (4)
qt (58)
- Added svg regression patch
qtscriptgenerator (1)
First release.
libqxt (5)
Bump to latest stable
libqxt (4)
Bump to latest stable
libqxt (2)
Update package
libqxt (1)
First release.
QtCurve-Gtk2 (13)
Version bump, fix firefox version
dirmngr (2)
New release, ready for 2009
dirmngr (1)
First release
python-eventlet (2)
Update package
python-eventlet (1)
First release.
python-xlwt (2)
Update package
python-xlwt (1)
First release.
python-tornado (3)
Take package.
python-greenlet (2)
Update package.
python-greenlet (1)
First release.
PyQt (27)
Version bump to latest stable relase
PyQt (26)
Bugfix release
Twisted (10)
Update package
Twisted (9)
Remove unnecessary dodoc
Remove unnecessary PyQt3 dep
Update copy date
sip (28)
A little Bugfix release
sip (27)
Minor bugfixes
sip (26)
Bugfix release
lablgtk2 (2)
Update to Latest
lablgtk2 (1)
First release.
gtkglarea (1)
First release.
lablgl (2)
Make up
loudmouth (5)
Update, amarok dep.
qca2 (3)
Doesnt conflict with qca anymore.
bitbake (1)
First release.