asciidoc 8.6.1

Text document format for writing documents

Packager: Semen Cirit

License: GPLv2


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Release history

ReleaseRelease dateVersionUpdaterComment
142010-10-138.6.1Gökçen EraslanMass rebuild for Pardus 2011 Beta
132010-08-238.6.1Fatih Aşıcı- Bump to the latest stable
- Simplify
- Drop unnecessary graphviz dependency
122010-02-088.5.3Semen CiritVersion bump.
112010-01-098.5.2Ozan ÇağlayanNo configuration, no compilation, no build dependency.
102009-12-158.5.2Faik Uygur* FIXED: Absolute imagesdir and iconsdir attribute path names do not work with the xhtml11
data-uri encoding.
* FIXED: Regression issue with inline data-uri images.
* FIXED: An unexpected error occurred when processing a table containing CSV data if the cols
attribute was not explicitly specified.
92009-11-038.5.1Faik UygurStable update including many bug fixes
82009-07-028.4.5Semen Cirit- Version bump.
- New dependencies added.
72009-04-218.4.3Semen Cirit- Version bump.
- Package name is added to doc path.
- Copyright is changed.
62008-08-268.2.7Faik UygurVersion bump
52008-04-048.2.5Gökçen EraslanVersion bump
42007-05-308.2.1İsmail DönmezVersion bump
32007-02-248.1.0İsmail DönmezStable update and depend on xmlto
22006-04-187.1.2İsmail DönmezBugfix update
12006-02-257.1.1İsmail DönmezFirst release.