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homebank (10)
Version bump and add missing dependencies: pango, cairo and libofx.
abiword (9)
Version bump and add a bunch of missing gtk2+ stuff dependencies.
abiword (8)
Thanks to Anil Ozbek, add missing dependencies goffice and libgsf-gnome.
abiword (7)
Make the package ready for Pardus 2009:
- Version bump to 2.8.1. See ChangeLog for details.
- autoreconf before configuring.
- Add --disable static parameter to configure.
abiword (6)
* Description tag is added.
* Remove unrecognised configure options: with-fribidi and enable-scripting.
* Version bump:
# Fix the auto-save feature to actually work and respect the user-selected time interval.
# Properly export table border and cell styles for OpenDocument documents.
# Make sure the Office Open XML exporter writes out valid documents.
# Fix a great number of memory leaks.
abiword (5)
Version bump:
# Fix a bug that caused scrolling in the opposite direction when scrolling quickly on Unix platforms.
# Fix a bug which caused the Office Open XML exporter to conflict with other exporters.
# Various tweaks to the OpenDocument importer.
abiword (4)
This release includes the following changes (and more!):
# Added our first iteraton of an Office Open XML filter. Features supported are: formatted text, formatted paragraphs, page breaks, columns, tab stops, footnotes, endnotes, headers/footers, fields, images, hyperlinks, bookmarks, lists, tables, and text boxes.
# Vastly improved LaTeX export filter, which even supports exporting equations now.
# Fixed a couple of annoying crashes in the GTK frontend, for example when overwriting a file or inserting a symbol.
# Fixed a bug that prevented the correct shaping of glyphs for complex scripts such as Arabic.
The full changelog can be found at
abiword (2)
Version Bump, remove unnecessary dependencies, add some functionalities and package takeover.
rawrec (2)
Correct the Download Link.
mpg321 (3)
Make the package ready for Pardus 2009:
* Version bump.
* Fix strict dependencies.
* Description added.
mpg321 (2)
Minor fixes for contrib-2008, add two patches and package takeover.
cmus (1)
First Release.
kmetronome (2)
Version bump, remove alsa-lib as it's a dependency of kdelibs, organize Files section and package takeover.
wxcam (9)
Version bump, remove not linked revel library, wxcam uses internal revel library since 1.0.3.
wxcam (8)
Version bump to latest version, add missing CImg dependency. translations.xml added.
qt-recordmydesktop (7)
Version bump, fix licence, remove PyQt4.patch, add no-compiled-py.patch and package takeover
qdvdauthor (3)
Version Bump, add some comments to .
easytag (16)
Add various patches from fedora:
* nomimedirs patch to remove x-directory/normal
* Fix crash when saving picture with empty description on FLAC file (fedora #559828)
* Fix load from txt files (fedora #562317)
* Include upstream cddb_manual_search_fix patch.
- Add missing deps: pango, libogg
easytag (15)
Add patch for fixing broken libmp4v2 support.
subtitleeditor (10)
Version bump.
videotrans (2)
Add aspects.txt and make ready for 2008
3gp-converter (5)
Add amr_and_acc.patch and make 3gpconverter-0.6.kmdr executable.
3gp-converter (4)
add documentation and ready to merge to contrib-2008 repo
gperiodic (3)
Update for Pardus 2009.
gperiodic (2)
Add patches, add Icon tag and package takeover.
abakus (2)
Add documentation and ready for 2008
ginac (9)
Version bump:
1.5.7 (29 March 2010)
* Fixed a bug in the GCD code (infinite loop in pgcd()).
* Fixed a bug in atan2() (division by zero error for atan2(x,0) if x is a negative and composite term).
* Products now correctly set info_flags::negative and info_flags::negint.
1.5.6 (28 January 2010)
* Fixed compile problem with gcc 3.4.
* Improved excompiler: The ginac-excompiler script will only be installed if excompiler is supported and enabled.
ginac (8)
- Version bump.
- autoreconf before configuring.
ginac (7)
Make the package ready for 2009:
* Version bump.
* Create documentation and make a seperate package for reference documentation.
ginac (6)
Version bump, add missing dependencies and make the package ready for Pardus 2009.
ginac (5)
Version bump.
ginac (4)
Version bump, fix Files and license in pspec.xml and package takeover.
geda-gsymcheck (7)
Version bump and fix documentation.
geda-gschem (9)
Version bump, fix documentation and Files part of pspec.xml.
geda-docs (3)
Version bump and fix documentation.
geda-gattrib (8)
Version bump and add documentation.
geda-gnetlist (7)
Version bump, fix Files part of pspec.xml and add documentation.
geda-examples (6)
Version bump and fix documentation.
geda-symbols (7)
Version bump and add documentation.
geda-utils (7)
Version bump and fix documentation.
xbindkeys (2)
Version Bump
bluefish (7)
Version bump a minor bugfix and minor feature enhancement release:
- From 2.0.1 to 2.0.2: Most notably two crashes have been resolved, and a "jump to reference" feature has been added to quickly open a referenced filename. Next to the code the translations have been improved.
- From 2.0.0 to 2.0.1: Enhancements include improved spell checking, right margin display, improved indenting functionality, and CFML (cold fusion) support. Bugfixes include fixes in a couple of HTML tag dialogs and two exotic segfault fixes.
bluefish (6)
* Version bump to v2.0.0 with many feature enhancements and various bugfixes.
* Reorganize dependencies and filePaths
* Remove mime update in comar/, instead add xmlcatalog process.
bluefish (5)
Make the package ready for Pardus 2009:
* Fix dependencies.
* Fix typo in desktop.patch.
bluefish (4)
Remove unneeded system.base dependencies and clean up in the dependency list, arrange Files part of pspec.xml, add documentation, add desktop and syntax highlighting patches and package takeover.
risk (7)
Version bump:
· translation tool split off from main code
· pl language added
· italian card rules added
· 3 dice to defend option added
· in the map editor, if a new image is loaded with a different size to the imgmap, it asks if you want to update the size of the imgmap
risk (6)
Remove unneeded ant build in, make the package ready for Pardus 2009.
risk (5)
Stable bump, fix license and package takeover.
pog (2)
Version bump: Updated ip address control added.
opera (32)
Add flashplugin hack to fix pardus #13989. Thanks to Onur Küçük for his magics ;)
opera (31)
Version bump, see . Fixes pardus #15848.
opera (30)
Version bump, see .
opera (29)
Version bump to 10.60 release. Vast changes in the package, dependencies revised.
See for details.
opera (28)
Version bump to 10.11 release. See for details.
opera (26)
Version bump to 10.10 release. See for details.
opera (25)
- Version bump to 10.01 release. See for details.
- Remove unused xorg-server dependency.
opera (24)
Version bump to the final release of 10.00.
See for details.
opera (23)
Version bump to 10.00 beta3 version with many bugfixes, improvements and language files.
See for details.
opera (22)
Version bump to 10.00 beta2 version (codename Peregrine)
opera (21)
Version bump to 10.00 beta1 version.
opera (20)
* A recommended security and stability upgrade including changes and improvement @(
* Fixes #9337.
* Package takeover.
* Add description.
* Fix TUBITAK/UEKAE copyright.
checkgmail (6)
Add missing Dependency perl-XML-LibXML.
checkgmail (5)
Depend on new perl.
checkgmail (4)
Add -no_cookies parameter for checkgmail to work.
checkgmail (3)
Make the package ready for Pardus 2009: package takeover, fix indentation and add translations.xml
checkgmail (2)
Fix missing dependencies.
trac (7)
Trac 0.11.3 contains a number of bug fixes and minor enhancements:
* Compatibility with Python 2.6
* PostgreSQL db backend improvement
* Highlighting of search results is more robust
* Unicode related fixes
* Fixed Trac link rendering in ReST
trac (6)
-- Notes from packager: Version bump, package-takeover, fix dependencies and remove system.base deps, get ready for 2008.
* Improved DB connection handling (new connection pool)
* Better MySQL backend unicode support. "utf8" and "utf8_bin" is the recommended database charset and collation settings.
* Fixes intermittent "constraint violation" and "invalid form token" error messages.
* Fixes roadmap layout glitch in Firefox 3.
* Safer default umask value for tracd (can be set using --umask option)
* Better default PYTHON_EGG_CACHE value.
gazpacho (5)
Documentation path fix. Also fixes #9234. thanks Klemens Häckel for reporting it.
gazpacho (4)
thanks to Gökmen Görgen: Fixed summary, description and their translations.
fix documentation and package takeover..
ack (10)
* Version bump. See Changes file for details.
* Add strict perl Dependency.
ack (9)
Version bump. See Changes file for details.
ack (8)
Remove useless files and directories and make the package ready for Pardus 2009.
ack (7)
Version bump
ack (6)
Version bump and package takeover
sshpass (2)
Version bump.
sshpass (1)
First release.
zibu (4)
Make the package ready for Pardus 2009.
zibu (3)
* Version bump.
* New mode, --showdb
zibu (2)
* Version bump.
* Some bug fixes
* Better code organization
zibu (1)
First release.
hashit (2)
Version bump.
hashit (1)
First release.
libgeda (9)
Version bump and add documentation.
anjuta (8)
Remove system.base dependencies and unnecessary patch, ready to merge 2008 and package takeover.
bpython (4)
New features and bug fixes.
bpython (3)
Correct homepage, add missing setuptools dependency. Fixes #10063
bpython (2)
Version bump and package takeover.
codeblocks (4)
Version bump.