tuxmath 1.7.2

Educational Math Game


Packager: Doruk Fişek

License: GPLv2


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Release history

ReleaseRelease dateVersionUpdaterComment
72009-07-171.7.2Doruk FişekVersion bump:
* Text drawing, background scaling and optimization improvements
* More strings have i18n support
* Fix "Math Command Training Academy" lesson reset problem
* 3 new menu icons and clean-up cloud icon
* Check for indeterminate questions and to use the "comprehensive" method whenever multiple-operand questions are not needed.
* Update doc path, remove strict deps for 2009.
62008-12-091.7.0Doruk FişekVersion bump, many new features, including i18n support and Turkish translation.
52008-10-020.0_p75Doruk FişekVersion bump to svn r75 for cool new features.
42007-04-2020010907_0102Murat ŞenelFix dep and version
32006-10-282001.09.07_0102Murat ŞenelAdd a patch for makefile to fix installation
22006-10-272001.09.07_0102Murat Şenelinstallation sync
12006-07-272001.09.07_0102Murat ŞenelFirst release