ncmpc 0.18

Curses client for the Music Player Daemon (MPD)

Packager: H. İbrahim Güngör

License: GPLv2+


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Release history

ReleaseRelease dateVersionUpdaterComment
82010-10-260.18Ozan ÇağlayanMass rebuild for Pardus Corporate 2 Alpha 3
72010-09-280.18H. İbrahim GüngörVersion bump.
62010-07-190.17H. İbrahim GüngörVersion bump to usual bugfix release.
52010-03-010.16.1H. İbrahim GüngörVersion bump, add new libmpdclient dependency, enable lirc support.
42009-05-250.14H. İbrahim GüngörBump to new major release:
* New lyric and info screen
* Mostly bugfixes and translation updates.
32009-01-100.13H. İbrahim Güngör--Bump to new major release:
* added output configuration screen, default hotkey F8
* search with regular expressions
22008-12-110.12H. İbrahim Güngör--Bump to new major release:
* Artist screen
* Experimental lyric screen(not enabled yet)
* LIRC support
* Support wide characters
* And many new features and bugfixes.
--packaging changes:
* remove mpd build dep, not needed for building
* remove docdir patch
* fix license, summary and desc.
* takeover package from kenp(thanks for your kindness :))
12008-01-310.11.1Kenan PelitFirst release