sylpheed 3.1.0

A lightweight email client and newsreader

Packager: Fethican Coşkuner

License: GPLv2


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ReleaseRelease dateVersionUpdaterComment
502011-06-013.1.0Ozan ÇağlayanUse xdg-open for every mime type instead of parsing them and using mailcap file (pb#17534)
492011-02-193.1.0Fethican CoşkunerFix for summaryview crash during mailbox check.
482011-02-023.1.0Fethican CoşkunerBump to 3.1 final;
- Turkish translations updated.(thanks to Doruk Fişek)
- 'Reply to this address' was added to the e-mail address context menu.
- The default boolean type of query search and filter condition became AND.
- The matching algorithm of filtering was optimized.
- The option not to display the send progress dialog was added.
- Move/copy marks are now preserved on folder refresh when immediate execution is off.
- The bug that wrong unread message number was displayed after mail receiving if 'Open inbox after receiving new mail' was enabled was fixed.
- The long-standing bug in undo/redo was fixed.
- The bug that caused crash if the quick search was executed while folder tree was empty was fixed.
- Junk-filtered or trashed messages are not counted as new on mail receiving.
- Show error dialog if junk mail filter command exit with fatal error.
472010-12-243.1.0_beta6Fethican CoşkunerVersion bump;
- A new option 'Set only mail address when entering recipient from address book' was added.
- The menu items 'Add to recipient/Cc/Bcc' were added to the address book.
- On junk mail filtering, appropriate Junk folder for accounts will be selected.
- When going offline, all current network sessions will be disconnected.
- Low priority will be used for long timeout interval.
- The behavior on opening folders and mark-read timing was modified again.
- The HTML parser was fixed to handle 'a' tag correctly.
- Split documents from main package.
462010-10-293.1.0_beta3Ozan ÇağlayanMass rebuild for Pardus Corporate 2 Alpha 3
452010-09-023.1.0_beta3Fethican CoşkunerEnable Attachment Tool Plug-in
442010-09-023.1.0_beta3Fethican CoşkunerVersion bump to third beta for testing:
* Drag and drop of addresses on the address book is supported now.
* New plug-in 'Attachment Tool Plug-in' was added. It enables the removal of attachments in messages.
* Virtual folders can be moved now.
* 'Junk' special folder was added. It will be automatically created if not exist.
* A new option 'Change current account on folder open' was added, and it is enabled by default.
* On 'File - Save as...' dialog, '.eml' extension was added for the default file name.
432010-08-173.1.0_beta2Fethican CoşkunerVersion bump to second beta for testing:
* On POP3 receiving, new messages are displayed on the summary view immediately. Folder switching is not required anymore.
* The feature to combine partial messages (RFC 2046, message/partial) was added.
* Users can move up/collapse/expand the folder view using left/right arrow key now.
* When inline image setting is off, images are not displayed in the Attachment tab too.
* The menu items 'Mark/Mark' and 'Mark/Unmark' were changed to 'Mark/Set flag' and 'Mark/Unset flag' for understandability.
* The upper limit of auto-check interval was changed to 1000 minutes.
* The source files of the English FAQ and manual were added.
* The hidden filter condition works now.
* The crash when POP3 session was cancelled while processing received mail was fixed.
422010-06-153.1.0_beta1Doruk FişekVersion bump to new beta for testing:
* Full automatic address completion was implemented. Users can also configure to use the previous behavior (start completion on Tab key).
* The debug log output for filtering was added.
* New plug-in APIs for update check and folder view were added.
* A new option '--instance-id ID' was added. This allows users to run multiple instances of Sylpheed.
* 'Open' menu was added to the attach context menu of the message composition window. This allows users to open attached files before sending.
* English Sylpheed FAQ was updated.
* Plug-ins are also loaded from user plug-in directory now.
* The crash when using %f on IMAP messages at the action tool was fixed.
* The crash when clicking tray icon menu 'Get from current account' when no account exist was fixed.
* The bug that MIME flags were not set to imported mbox file and filtered sent messages was fixed.
412010-04-173.0.2Doruk FişekVersion bump to stable:
* The random scrolling problem on selecting folders was fixed
* The problem that config files are not updated after creating new accounts was fixed.
* The problem that folder config file was not updated after changing IMAP or News account name was fixed.
402010-03-173.0.1Doruk FişekVersion bump to stable: Several typos in dialogs were fixed. Use xdg-open to open browser (thanks to H. Ibrahim Gungor).
392010-02-243.0.0Doruk FişekVersion bump to stable:
* Translation updates.
* The bug that caused freeze when sending or receiving messages with STARTTLS and 'SSL certificate verify failed' dialog popped up.
382010-02-193.0.0_rcDoruk FişekVersion bump to new RC for testing:
* 'Enable address auto-completion' setting was added
* Some minor bugs were fixed
372010-02-123.0.0_beta8Doruk FişekVersion bump to new beta for testing:
* The new filter match type 'is in addressbook' was added. This can be used from filtering, query search and quick search.
* The new account setup dialog was implemented. It also supports easy Gmail setup.
* The address completion was modified.
* The spell-checking and PGP settings are preserved for draft messages now.
362010-01-293.0.0_beta7Doruk FişekVersion bump to new beta for testing:
* The feature to add new recipients to address book automatically on sending was added.
* Color labels are saved on IMAP server now (partially compatible with Thunderbird).
* The auto-wrapping setting is preserved for draft messages now.
* The problem that beep sound was out when opening folders which were sorted in descending order was fixed.
* The new plug-in APIs for compose window were added.
352010-01-143.0.0_beta6Doruk FişekNew beta: The bug where IMAP caches get wrongly deleted was fixed.
342010-01-133.0.0_beta5Doruk FişekVersion bump to new beta for testing:
* The feature to customize the color label text was added.
* The option to set only mail address of recipients when replying was added.
* When messages are added to IMAP folders, received-date information is also set using Date header (mainly for Gmail).
* Spellchecking re-enabled / a workaround for crash caused by enchant with zemberek was added.
* The bug that caused freeze when remote IPC commands were executed.
* The bug that IMAP caches with UIDs larger than INT_MAX were never deleted was fixed.
332009-12-173.0.0_beta4Doruk FişekVersion bump to new beta for testing:
* The folder icons renewed.
* The setup dialog on the first run is user-friendly.
* 'Last 7 days' added to the quick search options.
* The number of matched messages is displayed at the side of quick search now.
* Description is displayed on the quick search entry when it does not have focus.
* Always show warning dialog when SSL certificate is expired.
* The menu item to request disposition notification added to the compose window.
* The button order of folder selection dialog was modified.
* Disable update check by default (Pardus has its own package-manager for that).
322009-11-273.0.0_beta3Doruk FişekVersion bump to new beta for testing:
* SHA1/MD5 fingerprint and validity period of certificate is now displayed when verification of server SSL certificate failed.
* Address book is now sortable by each column.
* Address book search feature was added.
* The visibility of message number columns in the folder view is now configurable for each column.
* The error check of socket connection became more strict.
312009-11-163.0.0_beta2Doruk FişekVersion bump to new beta for testing:
* Multi-threading fix: Sync failure when operating IMAP folders while IMAP communication
* Multi-threading fix: IMAP folder search didn't work
* Multi-threading fix: Freeze when update check dialog was popped up
* Multi-threading fix: Crash on connection timeout
* The unintended drag start on IMAP folders was fixed.
* A dialog will be displayed while creating folder tree after creating IMAP accounts.
302009-10-303.0.0_beta1Doruk FişekVersion bump to beta for testing:
* Multi-threading support, reduces the situations where user actions are blocked.
* Summary caches are updated on the fly (on receive/move/copy/delete), improves the performance of opening folders with many new messages.
* Progress is displayed while scanning folders.
* The user interface of address book was rewritten using the new API (GtkTreeView), reducing glitches.
* Included Sylpheed English FAQ was updated.
* Some bugfixes are made.
292009-08-132.7.1Doruk FişekVersion bump :
* The feature to import and export .eml files was added.
* Progress is displayed during import and export now.
* The warning about non-exist plug-in directory was removed.
* The comments within Content-Type header are handled now.
* The order of signals emitted at moving messages was modified.
282009-07-212.7.0Doruk FişekVersion bump :
* The plug-in system was implemented (still experimental).
* LibSylph (internal version) is built as shared library now.
* The update check feature was implemented.
* fsync() will be called after writing configuration files.
* 'Send queued messages' is shown instead of 'Mark all read' in the context menu of the Queue folder.
* The default command line options of spam filters were modified.
* A crash bug on CSV import of the address book was fixed.
* Several other bugfixes were made.
* Move faq/manual files to documentation directory
* Temporarily disable gtkspell, crashes the program
272009-05-042.6.0Doruk FişekUpdate doc path, remove strict deps for 2009.
262008-12-192.6.0Doruk FişekVersion bump to new stable :
* A workaround for raw-JIS filename used for attachments was made.
252008-12-012.6.0_rcDoruk FişekVersion bump to new RC for testing :
* The backups for configuration files are kept for four generations now.
* Only new messages are counted when incorporating from local mbox.
* In the folder selection dialog, only folders which are expanded in the folder view are expanded now.
* The folders which should not be selected in the folder selection dialog became unselectable now.
* The bug that the addressbook window was not refreshed when sender of message was added to the addressbook was fixed.
* Several bugfixes were made.
242008-11-172.6.0_beta2Doruk FişekVersion bump to new beta for testing :
* The menu was added to the remote POP3 mailbox window.
* The sorting of remote POP3 mailbox was fixed.
* The remote POP3 mailbox button was added to the toolbar.
232008-09-292.6.0_beta1Doruk FişekVersion bump to new beta for testing
222008-06-172.5.0Doruk FişekVersion bump, fix panel transparency, add spelling support
212008-04-142.4.8Onur KüçükUse shared compface
202007-12-232.4.8Doruk FişekVersion bump
192007-10-042.4.7Doruk FişekVersion bump
182007-09-192.4.6Ali Erdinç KöroğluVersion bump
172007-08-312.4.5Ali Erdinç KöroğluVersion bump
162007-08-242.4.4İsmail DönmezFix
152007-07-202.4.4Doruk FişekVersion bump
142007-06-292.4.3Doruk FişekVersion bump
132007-05-212.4.2Ali Erdinç KöroğluVersion bump
122007-05-072.4.1İsmail DönmezStable update and mark last update as security for CVE-2007-1558
112007-04-202.4.0Ali Erdinç KöroğluVersion bump
102007-01-162.3.1Ali Erdinç KöroğluVersion bump
92006-12-232.3.0Ali Erdinç KöroğluVersion bump
82006-11-172.2.10Ali Erdinç KöroğluVersion bump
72006-10-072.2.9Onur KüçükAdd compface support
62006-09-232.2.9Ali Erdinç KöroğluVersion bump
52006-08-022.2.7Ali Erdinç KöroğluVersion bump
42006-06-272.2.6Onur KüçükNo more crashes in tr_TR in the menu -> view
32006-06-142.2.6Ali Erdinç KöroğluVersion bump
22006-05-312.2.5Ali Erdinç KöroğluVersion bump
12006-04-122.2.4Ali Erdinç KöroğluFirst release.