wireless-tools 30_pre9

A collection of tools to configure wireless lan cards


Packager: Pardus

License: GPLv2


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ReleaseRelease dateVersionUpdaterComment
722011-01-0730_pre9Ozan ÇağlayanVersion bump
712010-11-2529Ozan ÇağlayanSplit devel package, drop COMAR stuff.
702010-10-2629Ozan ÇağlayanMass rebuild for Pardus Corporate 2 Alpha 3
692010-06-2929Bahadır KandemirReset interface address before connecting. This fixes #13608
682010-06-0729Bahadır KandemirDefault SSID set to empty string instead of None.
672010-02-1929Onur KüçükMake wireless ESSID stuff 64bit compatible in Network.Link
662010-01-2129Bahadır Kandemir- Fixed network backend not understanding network profiles created in Pardus 2008.
652009-08-1829Bahadır Kandemir- Don't check for connection type in udev rule, backend is transparent,
- Stop ifplugd only when the profile is matched with the device.
642009-07-1729Bahadır KandemirWireless signal quality added to remote scan results.
632009-07-0629Bahadır Kandemir- Update connection entry in database, if authentication fails.
622009-07-0329Bahadır Kandemir- Start Ifplug when necessary.
612009-07-0329Bahadır Kandemir- Added translations to COMAR script(s).
602009-05-2629Bahadır Kandemir- Start Ifplug service when necessary.
- Handle WPA supplicant errors.
592009-05-2529Bahadır Kandemir- Network backend warns user if firmware is missing.
582009-05-2229Bahadır Kandemir- Network script allows setting custom address in DHCP mode.
572009-05-2129Bahadır Kandemir- Network script allows bringind connection down, no matter what the device status is.
562009-05-2029Bahadır Kandemir- Ifplug support by Nihat Ciddi.
- Udev device unplug support.
552009-05-1929Bahadır KandemirUpdate connection state properly if device is missing.
542009-05-1529Bahadır KandemirGateway is optional in manual mode.
532009-05-1129Bahadır KandemirScript execution support by Nihat Ciddi.
522009-05-1129Bahadır KandemirLocalized Network.Link strings.
512009-05-1029Bahadır KandemirRefactored Network.Link script.
502009-05-0729Bahadır Kandemir- UDEV event handler added
- Fixed a typo in WPA Supplicant error message
492009-05-0429Bahadır Kandemir- Provide new network backend script
482009-01-3129Bahadır Kandemir- Fixed wireless scanner occasionally identifying WPA1/2 encryption as WEP ASCII
472009-01-1429Ozan Çağlayan- Added Deutsch translations by Mustafa (#8138),
- Make it use our CC.
462009-01-1229Bahadır Kandemir- Support for running scripts after changing connection states.
/etc/network/netlink.d/ProfileName.up will be executer after a successful connection, and
/etc/network/netlink.d/ProfileName.down after disconnection.
All kudos go to Nihat Ciddi.
452008-12-1929Bahadır KandemirFixed COMAR script raising an exception instead of DHCP error.
442008-12-1729Ozan ÇağlayanBackport Non-ASCII character included ESSID problems from 30pre7 (Fixes #8583).
432008-11-2429Bahadır KandemirReset DNS config after setting after closing connection.
422008-11-0629Bahadır KandemirFixed COMAR script not saving MAC address properly.
412008-11-0529Bahadır KandemirFixed COMAR script not stopping network devices properly.
402008-09-1029İşbaran AkçayırChanges in Net.Link for certificates
392008-08-2829Bahadır KandemirDon't set channel if it's not specified in profile.
382008-08-2729Bahadır KandemirFixed a typo in Ad-Hoc support
372008-08-2729İşbaran Akçayır802.1x support
362008-08-2729Bahadır KandemirAd-Hoc support
352008-06-2529Bahadır KandemirTypo fixed in Net.Link script
342008-06-2429Bahadır KandemirFixed COMAR script to get gateway from DHCP
332008-06-1929Bahadır KandemirSave MAC to profile DB on first connect.
322008-06-1529Onur KüçükBring interface up before scaning, fixes many connection problems
312008-06-1129Bahadır KandemirSet WEP ascii key properly
302008-03-1929Bahadır KandemirFixed udev script.
292008-03-0329Bahadır KandemirCOMAR script ported to 2.0
282007-11-2829Faik UygurLook for search line only in dhcp(auto) mode
272007-11-2829İsmail DönmezStable update
262007-11-2129_pre22Faik UygurUpdate resolv.conf search line if dhcp used
252007-11-1629_pre22Faik UygurUse a dhcpcd timeout of 120 seconds as a workaround for problematic LAN environments
242007-10-3029_pre22Gökmen GökselComar scripts fixed
232007-07-1729_pre22S.Çağlar OnurVersion bump
222007-05-2929_pre21Furkan DumanPEAP-MSCHAPv2 support added
212007-05-1629_pre21İsmail DönmezVersion bump
202007-03-2029_pre17S.Çağlar OnurVersion bump
192007-03-1829_pre10Furkan DumanWireless.setAuthentication method now takes SSID name from DB for ndiswrapper cards.
182007-03-0329_pre10Furkan DumanDisable authentication modes first
172007-03-0129_pre10Gürer Özenget device events from udev, report AP signal and encryption, wpa support
162006-12-1229_pre10Gürer Özencomar script: state and i18n fixes
152006-12-0129_pre10Gürer ÖzenRelease bump to include newest link.py
142006-11-2429_pre10Gürer ÖzenScript update
132006-11-1029_pre10Gürer ÖzenScript fix
122006-10-1729_pre10İsmail DönmezVersion bump
112006-10-0428S.Çağlar OnurVersion bump
102006-09-2728_pre16Gürer ÖzenUpdated script for fixing wireless api essid and silly drivers problem
92006-09-0428_pre16Gürer ÖzenUpdated script to new comar network api, fixed iface name change problem
82006-05-0928_pre16Gürer ÖzenUpdated script
72006-04-0328_pre16S.Çağlar OnurVersion bump, partially solve #2357 and missing man pages added to package
62005-12-2628_pre10Gürer ÖzenComar script updated.
52005-12-2528_pre10Gürer ÖzenComar script updated.
42005-12-2428_pre10Gürer ÖzenComar script updated.
32005-12-1528_pre10Gürer ÖzenComar script added.
22005-12-0528_pre10Ali Erdinç KöroğluVersion bump
12005-09-0727S.Çağlar OnurFirst release.