zsh 4.3.11

Powerful command line shell


Packager: H. İbrahim Güngör

License: as-is


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Release history

ReleaseRelease dateVersionUpdaterComment
172010-12-274.3.11H. İbrahim GüngörVersion bump, add missing libcap dependency.
162010-10-294.3.10Ozan ÇağlayanMass rebuild for Pardus Corporate 2 Alpha 3
152010-02-224.3.10H. İbrahim GüngörCommand not found support.
142009-10-304.3.10Eren TürkayVersion bump
132009-05-234.3.9H. İbrahim Güngör* Version bump
* Append /sbin and /usr/sbin to PATH, see bug #7704.
* Skip yodl documentation for now, will be enabled later
122009-04-244.3.6Pınar YanardağFix stack overflow vulnerability (bug#9460).
112008-04-024.3.6Kenan PelitVersion bump
102008-02-054.3.5İsmail DönmezEnable NONOMATCH
92008-02-014.3.5İsmail DönmezUpdate to stable release
82007-12-274.3.4_20071227İsmail DönmezSnapshot update
72007-12-034.3.4_20071127İsmail DönmezDon't install unmaintained and possibly insecure scripts
62007-11-274.3.4_20071127İsmail DönmezSnapshot update
52007-10-294.3.4_20071028İsmail DönmezSnapshot update
42007-07-014.3.4_20070701İsmail DönmezSnapshot update
32007-04-214.3.4İsmail DönmezStable update
22007-03-164.3.2_20070315İsmail DönmezVersion bump
12007-03-114.3.2İsmail DönmezFirst release.